Family site

 This site was created to provide an easy way for our parents
to obtain some of our family pictures. But you can find a bit more
information about ourselves as well...

Dr. Andreas Löber

July 2013-current / HeidelbergCement AG / Global Infrastructure Solution Architect

Oct 2007-July 2013 / ICB GmbH / UC Architect and Business Development Manager

Oct 2002-Aug 2007 / University of Zurich / Research Assistant

Martina Löber

While working on many projects in large and medium size enterprises I have acquired an extensive knowledge in planning, realization and provisioning of web-based portals. Key focus for me in all of my projects was the need of the customer. I address not only functional and technical requirements, but also review automation and process optimization potentials. Based on this analysis I then start the realisation, which is guided to success through a holistic, structured project management approach. I successfully applied this methodology in many projects in large and medium sized enterprises and consider it as the core foundation of my professional identity as Demand & Project Manager.

08/2013 - current / HeidelbergCement AG / Heidelberg / Web Application Specialist

Demand & Project Management as well as architectural and operational responsibility for the core collaboration platform of a DAX 30 company. The area of responsibility is composed of a regionally distributed SharePoint Multi Server Farm environment with 10 servers, supporting ca. 34.000 active users in a global network. Ensured the success of the platform by managing external vendors, development teams, available budget and delivering continuous training and support. Led several projects regarding applications based on the platform or connected to it. Performed and led a global project to update the platform to a newer release and a wider feature setup as well as meeting the functional and technical demands of several different business departments.

07/2011 – 07/2013 / Lantiq Beteiligungs GmbH / München / SharePoint Business Analyst

Lifecycle Management, architectural and operational responsibility for core collaboration platform of a distributed, global development and research company. The Solution was composed of a SharePoint Multi Server Farm environment with 3 servers supporting ca. 1.000 active users in a global network. Being contact person for all users to satisfy their demands and prepare the technical solution. Ensured the success of the platform by managing external vendors and delivering continuous training and support. Extended platform to provide Business Intelligence Service for corporate monitoring and reporting of business KPIs.

09/2009 - 07/2011 / status [C] microsystems / D.A.CH / SharePoint Consultant

Responsible for providing customized SharePoint solutions based on customer requirements. Analyze and define business requirements and map to solution architectures and implementation specifications. Manage, plan, build and run SharePoint Projects in D.A.CH. region. Generated new Ideas for customer projects and measure and ensure a positive business impact. Led Workshops and Trainings.

  • 04/2002 - 09/2009 / Freelance Work - SharePoint & Web Consultant
  • 01/2008 - 02/2009 / Fabasoft D GmbH - CMS/DMS Consultant
  • 09/2004 - 10/2007 / T-Mobile Austria - Business Analyst
  • 02/2003 - 04/2004 / Max Design Entertainment - Development & Software Engineer
  • O3/2001 - 12/2002 / Tekol Vers. / RNG Mgmt. / WIFI - Network Training
  • 05/1998 - 05/2001 / Johnson Control Inc. - QM Craftsman

Zoe aka Ashera von Crown Line

Is our furry child, a pure breed Airedale Terrier. She joined our family in Summer 2011 and is the most spoiled dog we know. Initially what we really want to get was a Welsh, the smaller possible more energetic Version, of the Airedale, but we are glad we did not, since Zoe already keeps us at our feet up and running since she needs not just a walk but a workout every day. And sure, we are no small dog people ;-)


The Airedale Terrier was originally breed in the UK in a Valley in between the Rivers Aire and Dale, which stands pose for the name. The breed was meant to act as water hunting Dogs, to retrieve Ducks and chase Otters alike other water critters. Huger as the other Terrier types the Airedale as fast been used to hunt in other areas as well and grew more popular in the early 50ties. They were used as Gun dogs and in the World wars to deliver Messages, retrieve injured Soldiers and to transport bombs. When the War was won, a lot of those Dogs have been left behind, this is how the first specimen of them made it to Germany...


We found our Girl near Augsburg in the Kennel of Crown Line, she was the breeders favourite because of her spirit and adventurous behaviour.
When we got her, 9 weeks old, she quickly learned how to keep us running and as far as I can tell, nothing changed since then. We already finished the first tests called "Begleithunde Training" together and head to the first IPO classes. At some point I found it to serious for me and Zoe and since then we keep us active with Man trailing, Frisbee and of course a lot of hiking and chasing balls.

Frozen Moments


A small view through our eyes..and lenses..


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